• Trademark Registration Made Easy and Efficient

    Protect your brand so competitors cannot profit from it.

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Trademark Registration Made Easy and Efficient

Protect your brand so competitors cannot profit from it.

Register Your Trademark in Just Three Easy Steps!

Protect Your Brand Identity

We will do a detailed trademark search to ensure you can protect your company and retain its unique brand identity.


Consult with an Expert

An experienced trademark attorney will work with you to create a strategy and steps for registration.


Apply for Registration

Our attorneys will file your trademark application to protect your brand nationwide so that no one can claim it.


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Do not wait till it is too late. Start the process now.

Comprehensive Trademark Search (for any territory)


$150.00 / application

  • Graphic and Phonetic Search Run a search for all trademarks that are similar and identical to your mark to avoid conflict in the future.
  • Easy to read comprehensive report sent to you electronically.
  • Attorney Opinion on Trademark Receive an attorney's opinion who specializes in trade law. They will interpret the search result and predict the result for your trademark.
  • Consult Licensed Attorney Phone consultation with your licensed attorney to prepare and present your trademark to the USPTO.
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U.S. Trademark Registration (for 50 states)

The most selected popular trademark filing service offered by licensed attorneys

$450.00 + *Govt fee

$450.00 / class

  • Attorney Represents at USPTO An attorney will represent your trademark at the USPTO on behalf of you.
  • In-depth Trademark Search Attorney conducts an in-depth search and evaluates your mark. Protects your legal rights by recommending appropriate class(es) and good/service description.
  • Generic Trademark Screen Conduct trademark screening to eliminate names and marks with legal conflicts. Also, get trademark status updates and automatic reminders.
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*Govt fee will be directly paid to the government trademark office when we are ready to submit your trademark registration application.

Europe Trademark Registration (for all EU countries)

$199.00 2 years

$199.00 / application

  • Attorney Represents at Trademark Office An attorney will represent your trademark at the trademark office on behalf of you.
  • In-depth Trademark Search Attorney conducts an in-depth search and evaluates your mark. Protects your legal rights by recommending appropriate class(es) and good/service description.
  • Generic Trademark Screen Conduct trademark screening to eliminate names and marks with legal conflicts. Also, get trademark status updates and automatic reminders.
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Define your Business Identity with Trumarked Services

Because there is no other business like yours

Trademark Registration Service

Trademark your company’s name, logo, and slogan with Trumarked to protect your brand name and brand value from duplication and complication. Register your business with us to create a unique identity. Our experienced attorney will work with you and create a strategy to trademark your business nationwide.

Trademark Comprehensive Search

Trumark provides comprehensive search services to look at active, pending, and inactive trademark registrations that are similar to your business name, slogan, and logo. We do thorough research by checking every public and private database. Also, our services are not limited to just the U.S.A., we offer worldwide trademark services.

Trademark Office Action Response

Did you receive an “Office Action” from USPTO? Do not fret, it is common for trademark applications to hit bumps in the road. An Office Action does not mean that your trademark can not be registered. Trumarked is there for you at every step. Our expert attorneys will file responses electronically through the USPTO’s TEAS.

Trademark Statement of Use

When you file for a Statement of Use (SOU), the USPTO will send a Notice of Allowance (NOA) which means that your trademark has passed all the registration steps and is almost ready to be registered. Now all you have to do is wait while our attorneys show the legal and commercial use of your Trademark.

File Statement of Use Extension

You might need to file a Statement of Use Extension if you have received an NOA, but you have not started using your mark. Filing a Statement of Use will extend your deadline for another six months. If you do not know about this process, it is okay. Our experienced attorneys are there to help you file for an extension.

Trademark Renewal

The filing for Trademark rights does not stop at receiving approval. You have to file the “Section 8 Trademark Declaration” after five years and file the “Section 9” form to the USPTO after nine years of receiving the trademark rights. Our firm completes all the formalities for you when you buy one of our packages.

Revive Abandoned Trademark

Changed your mind about an old trademark that you abandoned a few years ago? Trumarked can apply to revive an old trademark registered under your name to get your company back up and running in no time.

Trademark Ownership Transfer

Looking to transfer the ownership of your brand name, slogan, or logo to someone else? The process is pretty simple, and it is one that Trumarked can help you out with. We will file all the documents on your behalf and shift the rights of your trademark to another person.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Monitoring is an extremely important part of the registration process. Once you have submitted your application for review, Trumarked can make sure that no one else submits a trademark similar to yours. We monitor trademarks to ensure that your rights are secured!

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Success Stories and Testimonials

We appreciate our customers’ valuable feedback! See what our customers say about us

I am an artist with a big clientele and I wanted to expand. When I started the trademark process I realized there is another artist who shares the name so I could not have my own trademark. Trumarked helped me in filling for my case and assisted at every step to get my brand trademarked. They protected my art shop from identity theft. They provide amazing consultancy and all my worries were gone when I consulted Trumarked. I truly recommend them.

When I googled about filing for a trademark, I was confused and lost. I was not sure about which documents to fill and when to send them. I consulted Trumarked after going through several websites and they have been so easy and professional to work with. Trumarked helped with the registration process and now my business is a brand.

I am more than satisfied with their amazing service. I delayed filing for a trademark for years because I did not want to do research and paperwork as I find it burdensome. I consulted Trumarked with my problem and they have been more than helpful. They guided me at every step and the whole process has been a cakewalk ever since. I appreciate and recommend their consultancy.

Trumarked did all the hard work of filing and submitting documents on my behalf. The entire process was easy and relaxing. They were patient with my questions and helped me get my business trademarked. Thank you Trumarked. I am grateful for all the help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? You are not alone. We have answered some frequently asked questions. But if yours is not answered here feel free to call us at 1-833-863-5483 r talk with our real-time support in the LIVE CHAT.

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, slogan, logo, or any combination presently used or intended to be used in commercial business. A trademark distinguishes the goods of one manufacturer or seller from their competitors. In a few words, a trademark is brand identity. For example, Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” is their trademark and no one else can use it commercially.

A trademark search is a search of private and/or public databases to find out whether your desired name, logo, or slogan is available to be used or not. If you are applying for a trademark, then it is a good practice to do a trademark search first. Otherwise, you will apply for a trademark and start filing documents only to later realize that you cannot use it. 

A good trademark search helps you avoid any expensive and time-consuming mistakes. A trademark search before starting the application can save you a lot of time and money.

A preliminary trademark search is also known as the “exact match” search or “knockout” search. It identifies identical names to your desired name or names that sound the same but have different spelling.

A preliminary search shows if the exact name you want is available or not It does not show if there are any identical or similar names registered in any category. USPTO can deny you permission for a trademark if there are any identical names or logos as it can create confusion to the customers.

You can find an exact match to your desired trademark by searching on Trumarked.com or USPTO trademark website. But there is still a huge chance that your desired name may be identical to other registered trademarks. A Comprehensive search package will search several third-party databases that are not sophisticated or publicly available.

An experienced attorney who specializes in trademark law can help you perform a Comprehensive search. Also, the attorney will help in interpreting the search results and predict if your trademark will be successful or not.

Trademarks help protect business and product names, slogans, and logos and help consumers tell brands apart. When you register your trademark, you get strong nationwide protection, and the right to file a federal lawsuit against anyone who copies it.

No. However, an applicant’s citizenship has to be outlined in the record. If an applicant has dual citizenship, then they must choose which citizenship will be printed in the Official Gazette and on the certificate of registration. If an applicant is not a citizen of any country, then a statement to that effect is sufficient.

No. Although, if you are a qualified owner of a trademark application that is pending before the USPTO, then you may seek registration in any of the countries that have joined the Madrid Protocol by filing an “international application”.

To have trademark rights in the United States, you need to be the first one to use it in trade and make continuous use of the trademark thereafter. Additionally, you need to use it commercially and in a way that permits users to differentiate between your goods and services and others.

A trademark registration requires regular documentation for the first 10 years to remain valid. An Affidavit of Use (Section 8) must be filed between the fifth and sixth year of the registration. Additionally, it should be filed before the end of the ten years from the date of registration. 

If the registrant forgot to file Section 8 and needs an extension period, then they need to file an Affidavit for that which they need to pay an additional fee.

You may be able to perform an “exact match” search on your own by searching on www.trumarked.com or USPTO website.

Comprehensive Trademark Search requires access to several third party databases that are not publicly available, and sophisticated, propriety search software.

An attorney who specializes in trademarks and Intellectual Property law can help you perform a Comprehensive Search. In addition, the attorney will help you interpret the search results, which can be tricky, and can predict whether or not your trademark application is likely to be successful.