What is a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

A Comprehensive Trademark Search looks at multiple public and private databases of company names, domain names, state trademarks, press releases, business publications, among others. This type of search identifies trademarks that may not be identical, but may block your efforts at registration for other reasons.

A Comprehensive Search can show you if there are other registered marks that, while not identical, are “confusingly similar” and therefore likely to result in marketplace confusion. “Confusingly similar” trademarks will cause your application to be refused.

Do I Need an attorney to perform a Trademark Search?

You may be able to perform an “exact match” search on your own using the prompts on the publicly-available USPTO website at tmsearch.uspto.gov.

Comprehensive Trademark Search requires access to several third party databases that are not publicly available, and sophisticated, propriety search software.

An attorney who specializes in trademarks and Intellectual Property law can help you perform a Comprehensive Search. In addition, the attorney will help you interpret the search results, which can be tricky, and can predict whether or not your trademark application is likely to be successful.

Comprehensive Trademark Search Report Package

The efficient & affordable trademark search offered by U.S. licensed attorneys


$299.00 / application

  • Much more comprehensive than straight-forward knockout search.
  • Easy to read comprehensive report sent to you electronically.
  • Attorney identifies these conflicts are likely to be a problem, evaluates potential risks, and proposes strategy for next step
  • No Hidden Costs or Fees.
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