Trademark Registration Service

Mark your true brand identity with Trumarked.

Why Trumarked for Trademarks?

Brand Identity

Filing your trademark registration with Trumarked ensures that your brand name and trademarked logo are legally yours and will remain yours till you want. We ensure that every step is processed properly so that your brand identity is secure.

Business Protection

Whether you need a trademark or a service mark, we research existing registrations and ease your process of filing numerous documents. We help you keep your ideas safe and protected.

Trademark Transfer

Do you need to transfer your trademark, but are wondering where to go and which document to file first? We have a trademark transfer agreement that will solve your problems quickly. We ensure all our documents are properly written and filed.

Experienced Attorneys

Experienced trademark attorneys protect your assets, brand identity, and makes it easy to file your trademark. We serve hundreds of growing businesses and help them protect their business name and identity and we can do the same for you. 

Choose the Package that Suits You and Your Business the Most

Knockout U.S. Trademark Search

Includes State and Federal search and its detailed report.

$150.00 + *Govt fee

$150.00 / class

  • State Search Searches for active, pending, or inactive trademark registration within the 50 states to uncover potential conflicts.
  • Trademark Search Searches for active, pending, or inactive trademark registration with the USPTO to avoid costly conflict in the future.
  • Detailed Online Report Our trademark attorneys use the most up-to-date trademark databases and provide a complete report.
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Comprehensive U.S. Trademark Search

Includes everything from the Elite package, and additional common law searches.


$450.00 / application

  • Corporate and Domain Name Search Run a search for all business entities and top-level domain registries in all 50 states that have similar names, slogans, or logos similar to yours.
  • Corporate Directories Search the corporate directories of listings of others for similar names as yours.
  • Common-Law Proprietary internet searches to reveal the use of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks.
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Comprehensive Global Trademark Search

Includes detailed reports of global search and finds relevant results in the U.S., EUIPO, or WIPO databases.

$199.00 2 years

$199.00 / application

  • Global Search Search for pending, registered, and canceled trademarks in the multi-national jurisdictions:
  • The European Community A comprehensive search for common law, corporate name directories, top-level domain registers, and marketing sources in the EUIPO databases.
  • World Intellectual Property Organization A comprehensive search for common law, corporate name directories, top-level domain registers, and marketing sources in the WIPO databases.
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How to Register for a Trademark through Trumarked

STEP 1: Search Your Trademark for Free

Whether you want to register a trademark that you have been using for years or it is a trademark that you have just created, the first step here is to search for any existing trademarks that are similar to yours. A simple Trumarked or USPTO trademark search will answer two basic questions related to your trademark:

  • Is anyone using this mark?
  • Will you be liable for trademark infringement for using your trademark?

Trumark provides a basic trademark search for free. Click here to do a basic search for your mark. Trumarked gives you the power of finding available marks without any costly legal fees.

STEP 2: The Trademark Registration Process

Trumarked’s application service is designed by qualified and experienced attorneys. A properly crafted trademark registration application will

  1. Assure that your trademark registration provides the widest possible protection.
  2. Proceed with your application as quickly and smoothly as possible through USPTO.

Our registration process is simplified and can be completed in just 3 easy steps. Click here* to start your trademark registration process. *- take the viewers to Home Page’s CTA

STEP 3: USPTO Examination

Once we have filed your application with the USPTO, you will receive a “filing date” which is the date the USPTO received the application. If the filing requirements are met in the application, they will assign your application a serial number.

After a few months, an examiner at the PTO will review your file and determine whether the mark can be registered or not. If the examiner attorney decides that the mark cannot be registered, then they will issue an “Office Action,” listing the correction required and the grounds for refusal in the application. 

The Office Action must be responded to within six months or the application can be abandoned. The examiner can refuse to register for a trademark for various reasons such as:

  • Confusion between the applicant’s mark and a registered mark. 
  • Marks which are descriptive concerning the applicant’s services, or a feature of the goods and services.

In most cases, a properly drafted response to the Office Action can overcome the Examiner’s refusal to register the trademark.

Trumarked’s attorney will file your application on behalf of you.

STEP 4: Registration Certificate

If the trademark was in use before the application was filed, then the PTO will issue a registration certificate and register the mark three months after the mark was published (if no opposition was filed.)

If the application was based on the intent to use the mark, then the PTO will issue an NOA (Notice of Allowance) three months after the mark was published (provided no opposition was filed.) You must begin using the mark properly and notify the PTO within six months of the NOA. 

Otherwise, you have to request a six-month extension period after the NOA to not abandon the application. 

After the PTO has been notified that the trademark is in use, the PTO will then issue the registration certificate.

STEP 5: Stay Updated with Automated Reminders

Trumarked can send you automated reminders and keep you updated with the status after you file your trademark application. The automated reminders will help you remember the important dates and not deal with government bureaucracy.